Thursday, April 1, 2010

But why?

So there was a major travesty that occured this week I'm talking of course about the elimination of Pandora's Boxx from "RuPaul's Drag Race". I like many other have been rooting for Pandora since the beginning of the season, althoughI'm partially biased having spent the past few years in rochester and having a bf who worked at Tilt where she performs at. Anyways I was shocked by this weeks outcome and by the "challenge" or as like to call it a tranny wreck!

This week's challenge was to take "silver foxes" and turn them into "golden gals". OK so none of these guys were foxes sorry you need to be at least decent looking to use that term me thinks. Secondly they were all like seriously strange, like what the fuck were the producers thinking when they were picking out these dudes? I felt myself asking where the fuck did they pick these guys up? Also that had to have been the most fucked up challenges i've ever seen on any reality tv show. The whole challlenge seemed so rushed and haphazarded that they were trying to doom them all.

In the end it came down to Pandora and Juju being on the bottom and in the end Pandora was sadly eliminated. Anyways I felt Tatiana was way worse in this challenge and just doesn't belong on the show still. She just looks really freakin pretty, which is kind of scary! Tyra needs to go as well the only thing that she has in common with Beyonce is there inability to speak the english language properly!

Pandora was the only real contender I thought for the title. I say this because she was the only true drag queen. I felt that for the most part that the majority of these queens just looked sort of good and liked to play dress up, which is fun we've all worn a big wig and stumble in high heels drunkenly time to time. Although aside from looking it just seemed that all the others lacked personality to there character and more importantly they lacked talent. Seriously if you send these queens on tour what are they gonna do? Lip synch? Dance? is that really talent? Whatever I'm sure Pandora is gonna be way better off. I just have one question that I want to be answered by the end of the season....

What the fuck does the interior illusions lounge look like?

(Pandora Spanking my boo up top)


Anonymous said...

That's the room in the back where they film Untucked.

Mr.Belvedere said...

So it is real, i never watched the untucked segments online.

The room is even cheaper looking then I expected!

RAD said...

She is the only tru old school drag queen for sure! Pandora will still be a damm good queen but she just wont have the title...but she got lots of ggod expousure! Love her!!