Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Last year in the spring I graduated from college, exciting yes! I know I was thrilled, and so were my parents especially with never having to make another tuition payment again (I was the last of 4 kids). After school ended I moved back home to stay with my family and save money but most importantly above all find a job! Well it's how many months later and Im still unemployed! Thanks Economy!

You know what sometimes it's not even that! It's where I fucking live and the poeple who are looking to hire, they just suck I think. After months of sending out my resumes and applying for work I still havent gotten even a call for an interview, this excluding the ones for internships which I both nailed and got and then lost the one due to Tonsilitis. Most infuriatiing is that not even any of the restaurants I've applieed to have called me back for even an interview WTF! Is it because all my experience is from upstate is that somehow lesser then Long Island, trust me the place I worked upstate beats any joint down here. I don't understand how Long Island doesn't see that it is this close to being a joke just like Jersey and Staten Island (Sorry cousins) I meean come on I am a young, nice, hard working person with so much to give why won't someone love me!!! wait sorry wrong speech I MEAN GIVE ME A JOB!!!!!


RAD said...

is this you? Hey cutie!

Mr.Belvedere said...

Yep that's me, thanks bro! ;)