Friday, March 5, 2010

Performance Enhancer?

So I was at the gym today, I'm there quite a bit these days since I'm still looking for work. Anyways when I go to the gym I tend to use the same locker most of the time, I am a creature of habit. So today when I got there I went to go change and put my stuff away in my usual locker "69", yes I know Im so mature but hey whatever i'll always remember it. Now at my gym people tend to use the lockers without putting a lock on, so Im used to opening a locker and finding some old dudes suit or tighty whities, not today..... Today I opened the locker to find 4 bottles two XO Brandy and some bad Whiskey, I know Classy!

How the hell did they get there and WHY!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU GET DRUNK AT THE GYM THATS BEYOND COUNTER PRODUCTIVE!!! I mean how can anyone go to gym drunk and they had to be drunk from that amount. I can understand running drunk I used to do that when I was hyped up after barbacking for 10 hours but thats different it was 5 AM and no one else was around, I'd go home eat a pizza and then pass out!

Let's face it though it most likely came from a patron most likely or a surly janitor, or probably that dude at my gym who looks like a drunk sea captain whose lost his vessel and is landlocked!


Kevin said...

I think you may have "jessica fletcher-ed" that mystery!

btw...welcome back

Mr.Belvedere said...

Thanks kevin it's good to be back. All those years of watching that with my grandmother as a kid have paid off!

Oh and I figured it out, it was the sea captain!