Friday, March 12, 2010


So I just finished watching the masterpiece known as Lady Gaga's "Telephone". I have to say once again that I am floored by this music video its just fucking awesome and for so many reasons too. Just for the sheer fact that she addresses the tranny rumor in the first minute with "I told you she didn't have a fucking dick" WOW! That's so ballsy, no other pop star would address that shit if it was said about them. But I can't think of her as a pop star anymore I'm starting to have to agree that she is an entertainer or performance artist, pop star is trashy and her style is way too smart... I also love how she keeps pushing the envelope with her art direction the bright oversaturated colors were a cool contrast to the last video, the only draw back was the shameless product promotion!

Her wardrobe is once again over the top and its this exaggeration in the designs that makes me love her so, It's like we are soul neighbors who are constantly borrowing sugar from each other. Oh and I want that fucking phone hat, I can wear it at parties and shit its totally practical!

The video does well despite one blatant problem Beyonce. Let's face it Beyonce can sing when she wants too, her presence on this track and in this video is unencessary, she's being lazy and has no omph The only thing that she did correct was eat the damn Burrito Let's face it when it comes to acting she's beyond awful, Paris Hilton might be better then her, I mean did anyone see obsessed, I almost did for the cat fight, but Im not gonna sit through something two hours long to watch her stumble through her lines until the inevitable brawl!

Either way this is the greatest video ever because of the dick comment!

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J@v@JuNKo said...

I was as well floored! Such an awesome video!! Her sister is in the video too. Guess which!! fun! This is exactly what music videos should be.