Sunday, March 21, 2010


Im in love with FX's "Archer" it might be the funniest shows on TV. This show is amazing it's like if "Arrested Development" had an orgy with "Sealab 2021" and "James Bond". The show follows Sterling Archer, his overbearing mother voiced by the comedic delight that is Jessica Walters, and the rest of the ISIS spy agency .

There are so many good things about this show. First and foremost is Jessica Walters who essentially play's an oversexed mean spirited drunk, who easily has the best and meanest lines in the show, very Lucille Bluth (Jeffery Tambor makes an appearance on the show as well). I feel that she plays the drunk really well, it doesn't even feel likes she's really acting. Her storylines revolve around her sleeping with the KGB and one uppingt the head of her Co-op board Trudy Beekman.

Secondly is Archer. He's just terrible, like the biggest self absorbed, douche bag, horndog ever, it's amazing and I love it! Voice acted by H. Jon Benjamin who has one of the greatest voices ever, it's deep and manly. I just wished he looked as good as Archer instead of well he looks .... Well anyway the main character is hysterical and IDK I find the smartass/jackasses amusing and loveable no matter how much an ass they are, and Archer is a total ass.

Third, is the staff of ISIS who are equally as deplorable as the main characters,but also they remind us that although it is a spy agency, its also a normal office workplace They often discuss workplace situations such as the "food rapist" in the office break room and the change over of there accounting system. MY favorite ISIS employee though is the overweight undersexed Pam and her dolphin puppet which she uses to mediate workplace disputes and issues!

Besides the characters the show makes good use of creating it own world in which it continuously pools jokes from much like Arrested Development which was the best tv show ever and the most postmodern comedy ever. Also in the vein of A.D it has well thought out pop culture references. Archer reminds me alot of Arrested Development, but this show is far more outlandish and well sick and thats why I love it!

The show also has it's token gay episode "Honeypot" and a token gay character Agent Gillette who is a loveable bitch!

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