Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sexiest Man Alive!

So the husband and I have been watching a lot of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit these days, mostly because its on our netflix instant queue and the show is great to fall asleep to if you like being lulled to sleep by screams and that law order scene change sound! But the real reason we watch it and probably the reason why Im gay is, Christopher Meloni!

The first time I ever saw him was probably the first time I ever said wow he's hot (I was like 13 at the time). He is the sexiest man alive! No contest, he's pure man, machsimo whatever the fuck you call it! His perfromance on the show "OZ", is probably the reason that Im gay, I used to wait up and watch that show back in the day on HBO like it was my job! I never missed it, there was too much of a chance that i'd miss seeing christopher meloni nude and/or naked with other inmates or being thrusted nude into the hole. Or what about that episode where he bent over spread his cheeks, HOT! And let's face it he got naked pretty frequently on that show like almost every episode I want to say. My only complaint was his prison bitch Beecher, who doesn't do a thing for me!

I think what makes him so sexy is that tall, thick, muscular body and I don't even mind that lil bit of chunk that he acquired during his 11 seasons on SVU, its the reason that they never show his chest full on, on tv now, lame! That face too he's got great eyes oh and he's hung! So all around he kind of the perfect man! Oh and I also have a thing for Matt Damon (to whom my bf bares a resemblance too!)


J@v@JuNKo said...

He is all pure man! (drool) i think most gay men can relate to staying up late to watch OZ and to see this guy naked:) I wish it was still on.

Mr.Belvedere said...

Yea I think every gay is guilty of Watching "OZ". I might have to check for it on netflix later now that I'm thinking about it ;)