Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idiot? Indeed

Ok so let me start by saying I don't hate Green Day, I enjoy a few of there songs from way back when I was a young one. Now that I've said that WHY THE HELL ARE THOSE FUCKTARDS GETTING A MUSICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!Like fucking seriously I can not fathom this one, I mean just why? .Don't these guys make enough money from there Hot Topic merch sales! I guess I'm being so harsh because this shit is gonna be bad, like Suessical bad. I reason this because it's probably gonna be pretty damn cheesy and angsty and that's not fun, muscials are supposed to be fun and well ok cheesy! But not Angsty I get enough of that from old episodes of Party of five that still haunt my dreams. Anyways I can understand a group ABBA having that abortion known as Mamma Mia because lets face it we've all been drunk at one point or another and have gotten down too Dancing Queen or SOS!

Finally Green Day you aren't Punk, this isn't Punk, you are lame..... but what do I know u got a fucking muscial!


RAD said...

Yea a rock musical-- Billy was even on the cover of OUT last month....I loved them back in my day and now my niece is all over them ( she is 13) its funny huh?

livvy123 said...

i just saw that musical...
it was awesome and very well made
guess you were wrong
so for hating green day
U SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
and yes
i am only 11