Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Muse's

So once in a great while the stars seem to align and alot of good music gets put out all at once. As we know LCD is dropping there album in May right before I see them. The other great new piece of musical goodness is Broken Social Scene's new album titled Forgiveness Rock Record. SOOOO FUCKIN GOOOOOOOD!

I love BSS for so many reasons! It all started when I was 17 and I saw them for free at an instore at Other Music (How did a 7 person band fit in that place??). Little did I know at the time I was standing inches from Feist at the time. But I digress they blew me away, and they continue to do so with every record and this new one is no exception. As always the album feels somewhat very Lush, which is natural considering how many musician play on the album. BSS is made up of several bands and the album usually has 25+ people playing on it. But what I love is that this band always seems to be working so well together, and the music feels that it's almost effortless.

Also the new Caribou Album "Swim" is pretty frickin sweet too!

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