Friday, April 9, 2010

1 year and 28 lbs heavier!

About one year ago I made the conscious decision to start working out. Now l made this decision for many reasons mostly to get stronger because I was well shimpy .I also I did this in an effort to be healthier (still working on that one, White castle is just too good).Well last year this time I weighed somewhere around 142 lbs at 5'8 and now I weigh 170 lbs and I feel so much better. I mean of course now none of my pants fit especially my jeans which I live in. I digress though there are just too many plusses now of bulking up like I can actually move and carry things with ease,I can run farther and its easier, I can wrestle Jeff and win! (well sometimes win I let him win sometime) All in all a good move to get fit. Now for this year I plan on getting bigger and more toned.

Also I'd like to add that the stairmaster is not a toy but a serious piece of equipment that will whoop ur ass!

Oh and also Lean Dessert Protein and this gay site's workout plans help as well!

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