Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tis the Season

Yay my favorite holiday is almost here, and obviously I'm talking about Halloween. Yes Halloween, I love nothing more then an excuse to watch bad horror movies, put on a ridiculous costume, consume large amounts of candy then followed by drinking. Last year was pretty good but Halloween is always good it is me and my bf's anniversary and this year it's #3 but this will be our 4th halloween together.

Last year was great, I was Terry from Reno 911, and My bf was Lt. Dangle. We ended up marching in the parade with my friend Doug, who then proceeded to make out with some totally busted chick, but he was thoroughly drunk so it's all good(no it's not). The parade was fun and we ended up just going from bar to bar finally ending up at bartini and gettin wasted with a mormon wedding. All in all a good time.

Now usually I get really into Halloween in the past I have been Passion of the Christ Jesus in which i was covered head to toe in fake blood. Then before that I was a secretary, but only because I was gonna be teen wolf but then Michael J Fox released a video of him talking about his Parkinson's so i figured it be in bad taste, and also i couldn't return the wig. I wore a red dress with the biggest shoulder pads you've ever seen, and didn't shave a thing. Followed by hipster zombie (yea that was a dud!) and zombie lumberjack(winner).

Now usually, I have a ton of ideas of what to do or be but this year I'm stumped I for once have no clue. i need to get the ball rolling on this one. Anyways here is the only picture that exsists of my secretary costume i have no recollection of the most of this evening, and a picture of last years affair. Anyways I'll be writing a second part to this entirely devoted to halloween candy.

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