Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fuck Twilight, Go See Let Me In

I just got back from seeing "Let Me In" , the remake of the danish/Swedish (it's all the same to me there weird and fair skinned) film and all I have to say is this Fuck Twilight and Fuck Stephanie Meyers and the hack camel she rode in on. Sorry I've been holding that back for a while.

The movie focuses on a young boy named Owen who lives in New Mexico. Owen is picked on and bullied at school, and since having no friends the boy befriends his next door neighbor Abby a girl who only comes seems to come out at night. Over time it becomes clear shes a vampire, and the two develop a friendship, which is the main emphasis of the film. It's screwed up but that good kind of screwed up especially when the bullies get there comeuppance.

No but seriously I applaud the makers of "Let Me In" this movie was solid and faithful to the original without watering down the content, which sadly is what happens with most foreign films when they get remade in America. Not this one though they managed to keep the same feel and mood of the original but of course though since this is America they upped the amount of blood, which is fine this a is a vampire flick, bring it on.

One of the films strongest parts is that it doesn't focus on too much vampire explaining the vampire lore, it doesn't ask stupid back story questions and just keeps it to the basic, She needs blood. she can't go out in the daylight otherwise she explodes, and finally you have to invite her in otherwise blood will ooze out of there bodies and that's not gonna come out of the carpet easily. I like that the film didn't answer questions or try to humanize her habit like Stephanie Meyers does in twilight. I mean honestly vegetarian Vampires, that's fucking lame.

Anywho I give this a movie an A, it was awesome, Fuck Twilight! Oh and on that final note Vampires are supposed to burst into flames when exposed to sunlight not glitter like a damn disco ball!

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