Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So i was at work today,when I went walking over to panera to fill up my soda cup ( i buy one a week and re use it, don't judge its a recession). Anyways while I was bending down to dump my soda out onto the curb I picked my head and was met with this.

Wow, HottMess I mean come on REALLY someone actually made this there vanity plate. Whats even worse is that hot has two t's so you know that there is some other winner who resides in this good state who has already chosen "HotMess". I mean can you imagine this person at the DMV being told that someone much trashier has already beaten them to the punch. But I think what make really awful is that they framed in the plate in a peace sign plastered frame, I feel that a "south of the border" or "Senor Frog's" would of been more befitting. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the owner the goddess that owns this vehicle, but I can only imagine what she looked like, and all i can say is I'm sure they will haunt me in my dreams....

Also they were parked in a handicapped spot without permit. HOTTMESS

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