Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and I work in retail

I'm going to start off by saying that I haven't been blogging because I've been lazy/busy but today I realized that alot of interactions at work are blog worthy.

OK So picture it Long Island, present day. It is 10AM and it is a brisk December morning, the air is crisp and the sun is shining, and it's bright very bright. It seems like the sun is always brighter in the winter and yet today was no exception, or it was probably just my mild hangover. Anyways I drive to work and it's strangely easy, there's no one out on the road and the timing on all the traffic lights is just right and I breeze to work. I park, pay the meter and then go into my store through the front entrance since the gate is still down in the back. When I open the door and walk in I see my boss and a already in the store and I know this kid, and at this point it becomes clear this kid has been sent from some other dimension to punish me for something.

I walk behind the register hug my boss, we're cool like that and she shoots me a look of "You have to got to be kidding me, with this frickin kid" After our exchange he begins saying he wants to make an exchange the whole time being very antsy and not being able to finish a sentence. Nerds tend to get overexcited and can't finish sentences. Now straight nerds are annoying to deal with especially when your hungover and its even worse when they are quite strange looking. This patron in particular had front teeth that were not uniform and various size like a beaver that chipped a tooth.In addition he had one of those moustaches that's never going to come to fruition until he's in his late 20's til then it just looks gross but its so vile that you stare while trying not to look out of equal repulsion and fascination..

Anyways he plops his backpack on the floor and pulls out a 360 and 3 games and a 120 GB hard drive. So I ask so what you looking for and he exclaims the new 4 GB xbox bundle. Now follow here the customer is exchanging the 120 GB model for a 4GB just because its newer.So I do the return . Now we have no bundles so i inform the kid that they bundle in the ad is just some stuff thrown together which it is. I recommend buying the system with a hard drive and a game as opposed to the fore mentioned "bundle", which just includes a charge cable and an HDMI. He exclaims yea but this "bundle sounds like a sweet deal". I then drudge to the back retrieve the system. I plop the system on the counter and the kid looks dumbfounded and asks "I thought this was a bundle wheres the other stuff?". I turn from the customer and rub my temples I feel like ass. i tell him its not packaged together and he then steps aside to think about it. Now this is a no fuckin brainer would you exchange a system with a 120 GB hard drive for 4GB? FUCK NO

After a few he comes back and decides to go with the previously mentioned "bundle". I ring it up and then he begins to complain how nothing in the bundle is on sale. I then reassure the kid is that's what I told him and that it wasn't a wise decision. But once again he does not listen and then paid 100 bucks out of pocket for a system downgrade. All the while exclaiming wow what sweet bundle. Now in my line of work theres a fine line between idiot, nerd and aspergers, this kid was definitely the first one. He then proceeded to leave and get on his bike with the system in hand.

Later that day he called to tell us that the system he returned had a game stuck in it and they'd he'd be back after a week to get it. Yea he's never coming for it, people are dumb.

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