Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekly Inspiration

As with my return to ze blog they'll be fun posts such as this.

This weeks and the first is the wonderful Joanna Lumley. Or as most of us know her as Patsy Stone on Ab Fab. I love her to death I remember when they had just the 3 seasons on comedy central when i was kid. I was hooked my family should of just known at a young age that i'd turn out gay. Anyways Joanna was also a bond girl in her majesty secret service. She was quite the hottie back in her day and she still is now. Also my boy and I might be Eddie and Patsy for hallowen. Heres a two clips of PAtsy at her best because one just isn't enough:

1 comment: said...

Have u seen her most recent BBC show "Sensitive Skin"? I want to order the DVD!