Friday, July 11, 2008

Delivery Tales

A new segment i will be featuring is delivery tales. For those who don't know my part time job right now is delivering mexican food. In the past few months I have had some interesting experiences believe you me! Also Rochester has worse drivers then queens.

My first goes to that women whose across main street. This happened about a week or two ago and I almost cried it was so hysterical. For those who don't know main street is an interesting area, you know interesting people (crackheads, families, DMT, meth addicts). Anyways I show up and a relatively frumpy women is already waiting. Now her deck is being worked on and there was a wood beam between us that she used as a counter. I give her food and she proceeds into the recesses of the house to sign the credit slip. Moments later she exits cocks her head in the back in the air and hands me slip to say "I'd like my copy and my receipt" The bitch was just holding them. I gave them to her to see that she has not tipped and so I walk off. Approaching my car I look down on the grass in front of her house to see a bloody tampon. EWWWWWWWWWW! the bitch just acted like she was royalty and she's got dirty feminine hygiene products on her lawn. I got into my car and pulled down the street I was laughing so hard I almost crashed into a curb. The wonder that is rochester.