Friday, July 11, 2008


After viewing the highly controversial of boondocks. You know the one where BET is trying to destroy black people, of course not it didn't air in america only Canada. Anyways basically Aaron Mcgrudder theorizes that BET is out to make bad tv to bring down the african american community. Whether he's right or wrong is up to dispute. But if BET is out to destory black people then VH1 is out to destroy people in general. Recently the network has really taken a turn to with its most heanus venture yet, I love money!

For those who have not heard they've rounded up all the rejects, Tranny messes and sex workers they could from past reality dating ventures such as "Rock of love", "I love New York" and "Who wants to date a crackhead". The contestants are going to be pitted against each other until one is left who will then win $250,000. The contestants are possibly the best of the celebreality universe that VH1 has created.The show will most likely be so trashy I will have no choice to watch in disgust. Below is the porn star that is in the current cast.

At time like this Im reminded of the film and novel Battle Royale. In which a class of japanese kids is put on island with explosive collars around there neck and are forced to kill each other until one is left standing. WHY CAN'T THEY MAKE THEM DO THAT!!!!!!!!!

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