Sunday, July 20, 2008


So this past weekend was Rochester's pride weekend. In brief I worked most of it away but I did manage to make it to the parade. And since my bf and his friends are such bitches we stationed ourselves near the protesters.

Honest to good they were the real show since the roc parade is missing drag queens endlessly trapped in a k-hole. How hate mongering religious zealots does it take to make a proper sign. The answer is way more then you think. The one protester didnt even have a proper sign having to do with gays and there perverted ways as they put it. Anywho the one persons sign read "Star Wars is occultism" and on the other side it read "Hillary should be home doing the dishes" Either one is baffling. My boyfriend told the boys mother if thats her view that she shoulkd get her fat ass back in the kitchen. To my suprise none of these people had a college degree and claimed earthly education doesn't matter for the lord.

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