Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sad but True

So my boyfriend made me watch an episode of A&E's "Intervention". Our personal favorite is Sylvia and her insane ways.This week we met Allison. Whats her addiction? you might ask well it isn't booze, pills, pot, heroin, morhpine, meth, coke, K, ecstasy, DMT, or Crack. Allison's little helper is Canned air duster.....

I didn't even know this shit could fuck people up..... Where does someone even get the urge to suck on a can I can understand pot and booze and the velvet underground made heroin cool but, Canned air what the fuck?! Ever turn one of those can upside down it shoots out an instant freezing liquid that evaporates.Oh! and watch the video the girl looks brain dead when shes on that shit. ALthough I can't help but laugh when she say's "Im walking on sunshine!"

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Anonymous said...

I watched that show because Rosie talked so much about it. Then I tried it - sorta like a big hit of poppers but without the horniness.

Did you know that if you have a lock (like a gym locker lock) that you have lost the key for, you can turn the can upside down and spray it the lock and then hit it with a hammer and the lock come right off.