Friday, August 22, 2008

It'll do

So I have a new guilty pleasure. Can you guess it?? It's Ghost shows. Yes thats right TV shows about ghosts, and specifically "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel.

I don't know what it is but I just find this show so entertaining. It's probably because of the cheesy reenactments. They implore the same eerie cheesy feeling that unsolved mysteries used to do. I miss Unsolved Mysteries tremendously btw! There used to be nothing like that creepy Robert Stack scaring the shit out of me as a Young child! And if it wasn't him that left me feeling uneasy at the end of an episode I would be what happened to the drifter they featured. So heres a few possibilities:

1. He got a sex change.
2. Death by drinking too much and falling in a Ditch
3. Went Crazy.
4. Outside your house waiting to rape anything that moves!
5. White Oprah!

Although We all know that just wasn't about disappearing wierdos, it also featured ghosts, aliens, and occasionally truly investigative reporting. Observe!

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