Friday, August 8, 2008

Bday or Doomsday?

So today the anti-christ was born. No no no Im not talking about me. Im talking about that abomination that Gayken had with dried up cougar. Either way my birthday has been shamed even worse then last year.

Picture it! Greenpoint Two thousand and seven!

My 21st birthday at Matchelss in Greenpoint. I broke 4 glasses in an hour, had billy's cupcakes frosting on my shirt and passed out in my friends car but all without puking. Anyways I survived that night unfortunately two animals didn't. My friend moved into his new apartment that day and while we were out at the bar his dog broke into his other roommates room and snapped both there pet bunnies necks. It was tragic.

Anyways I think now that it was omen of Gayken trying to bring the apocalypse. He's just fuckin creepy.

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