Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Wayback Machine: Little Peggy March

Sister Act was a movie I loved as a kid, SURPRISE!!!!!!! I mean what gay doesn't love that movie? One of the most memorable moments for me, is at the end when the sisters sing "I Will Follow Him". Easily the best musical scene in the film. As a young one I adored it and use to sing it at the top of my lungs. Then I got older and the song faded away into the recesses of my brain(it's a frightening place) Until then one day in school we watched Scorpio Rising and it came flooding back, i needed to find out who did the song and thanks to Shazam on my iphone I was able to find it. The genius behind the song is Little Peggy March.

Peggy March or "Little Peggy March" is the voice behind the worldwide million seller "I will follow Him". She was discovered when she was 13, and recorded the song when she was 14!! So hold up Miley your not the first bitch on the block, learn your place! Anyways the song was released in 1963, it rocketed her to stardom. The song became a worldwide hit and was even recorded in other languages including Japanese. Unfortunatly for lil March though her business manager squandered the majority of her fortune. After that she got a new man to watch her money, and then later married him. She continued to have a music career well into the 70', and she current;y has a new album in development.

Peggy went on to record other singles, which weren't as popular as the first one but still good, they just didn't sell as well. After viewing scorpio rising i found myself scouring the internet for them it took me a long time to find anything digital. My personal favorite besides "I Will Follow HIm" are "Wind-up Doll" and "I wish I were a Princess". Both songs have made apapearances in films. I flipped when I watched Hairspray a few months ago and heard "I wish I were a Princess" in one of the scenes. Below are some of my favoite tracks by Peggy March, I've included for shits and giggles the Japanese version of "I Will Follow Him"

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