Friday, January 28, 2011

Never Nude's are real!

Now we all have some shame about our bodies (I blame religion), or things we want to change, basically I think everyone just wants to look good naked as Kevin Spacey put it in "American Beauty". But there are some who are deeply afflicted with this shame they can't even be nude around themselves, I am of course talking about "Nevernudes"

Oh the nevernude! Nevernudes made there public debut in my absolute favorite television series "Arrested Development" On the show Tobias (David Cross) suffers from a rare condition in which he can never be naked, even in front of himself. To remedy this he wears cut off jean shorts at all times. It's pretty amazing, and it was one of the choices for my halloween costume the past two years. I mean who doesn't look hysterical/amazing in a good pair of cut offs. So Last night I was watching the show and it popped into my head what if this really was a real affliction. Well it turns out it is and it's called "Gymnophobia".

I couldn't believe that it actually exists as a disorder but it does, and wikipedia does not lie. Obviously it stems from the lockeroom situation but to not even be nude in front of yourself, I'm baffled. I'm vain, if I am near a mirror I will stare at myself and fix my appearance. So friend's when choosing places to eat out never take me to a restaurant with lots of mirrors I'd get lost in my gaze. But I digress my heart goes out to all the nevernudes out there, there are dozens of you and i've seen a few at my gym they shower with clothes on, Bizarre! But I will leave you with there patron saint Tobias Fuhke.

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J@v@JuNKo said...

Arrested Development is one of the greatest Television shows ever created!! I still wish it would come back...