Thursday, May 20, 2010

Story of the Year

So I overheard this story. Unfortunately I cannot divulge where, and when or exactly whom but for the story sakes.

So I was in a retail store that may or may or not buy and sell used games. Anyways this gentleman was lamenting over the loss of his beloved Xbox 360. Now this is common for one of those things to break because of a design flaw that Microsoft has never changed! Anyways we all that over head just assumed it was the normal red ring of death malfunction that happens to every onwner. But nope apparently this dude broke his X-Box deliberately so we asked how and why? And so he told us....

Apparently this gentleman was using his computer through his tv in order to webcam (yea he wasnt shy about it at all) with women online. (Wait they're women out there who webcam really!?) So apparently this specfic session as he called it was particularly hot and began to escalate. So the girl eventually asks this dude to piss on himself and something electronic so what does he do? He pulls his Xbox out which is on and lets his stream loose on himself and then his Xbos which is on and begins to spark and crackle. Apparently he told us that the session got even crazier but we all declined the details we were all about to loose our lunch. So the gentleman if we can call him that, revealed that he had broken four other cams in the past with his camming antics. My only questions is What the fuck did he do to those other cams? No wait on second thought I don't want to know.

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