Sunday, February 28, 2010


So I was reading the BBC news today and discovered this story! Apparently a few days ago one of the killer whales at Sea World killed one of its trainers! Now Im not an animal rights activist by any means, well i do love animals like dogs and cats you know the furry cuddly kind and come on who doesn't there all so cute, but any animal that has killer in its name maybe shouldn't be contained and forced to jump in front of crowds for a fish, just a thought! I mean there called Killer Whales for a reason people.

Now Picture it: Florida! Your a young child maybe of 7 or 8 years old you and your family are on a trip to Orlando hitting up all the parks, your really stoked on it your a kid! Now today your family is going to Sea World! Your gonna see whales, fish and seals and whatever else they have there (I don't even remember that place when I went it was boring!) , So your parents take you to the gift shop first and they buy you a poncho, a hat shaped like a seal or something goofy and a shamu toy ( one of them plush dolls). So then your family goes to get seats that put you fairly out of the splash range. The show begins the trainer comes out and then the Whale begins to rise out of its tank, Your mesmorized by the creature and its immense size being a small kid, you know its like some real "Free Willy" kind of shit. So then the whale does a trick or two and your in total awe, The moments later the trainer goes to feed the Orca and thats when things go wrong. The Whale pulls the trainer down into the tank, you think its playing but then its not the whale begins to pull down the trainer and ramming them into the wall. you cry and scream with the onlookers all the while holding the toy whale until you finally let go as the trainer's lifeless body floats up. BAM VACATION RUINED, and LIFE SCARRED!

Yea Fucked up I know, but whats even more fucked is that the same whale has killed two other trainers. So ok one dies and you can blame it on animal behavior instinct whatever! A second person dies you think you'd consider maybe retiring the whale or something but wait a third person dies and you still have the damn whale perform, isn't there an understudy whale who just dying to be in the spotlight. Either way I think that whale's a killer!

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