Monday, September 17, 2007

Janet Reno cuts a rug

I remember when SNL was ok. I wasn't old enough to stay up and watch when it was good in the early 90's and such. I find the show to be good, but have always been more of a kids in the hall guy. I was stumbling around on myspace recently and found a copy of Will Ferrel's classic skits "Janet Reno's Dance Party"

The concept is great. Janet Reno locks some kids in her basement. She forces them to dance to "My Sharona" endlessly, and then there would be a celebrity spotlight dance, and a visit from Bill Clinton. Will Ferrel's "Janet" swoons over bill and all is well.

The funny thing is that this actually became a real benefit during the last election. The real Janet Reno threw one in florida as an effort to rally democratic voters. Supposively it was a big hit. But I digress I find it odd when jokes make on SNL become reality.

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