Friday, June 29, 2007

Happiness is a Warm gun

Oh Action movies you truly might be made for straight boys and idiots!

Well actually that may not be true ususally there is a lot of muscle , with a slint hint of homoeroticism in action films, which I always thought as quite strange considering the target demographic being straight men. Guess thats how u get single women and gay men to see these movies. Now don't get me wrong I like action movies, well some of them, but lets face it the majority of them aren't made for those of us that want a decent story, and not a bunch of buzz words being kicked around.

So in short I went and saw Live Free or Die Hard, starring the at one time sexy Bruce Willis and you know what he still good loooking for an older man I guess.. Well anyways I've never actually seen a Die Hard film before. Yea, I know sue me! There probably pretty sweet and made Bruce Willis into the badass that he is today. This one continues that spirit. The story was pretty bad. Considering no one was gonna take there shirt off the movie begin to reach a new low on its own. The only saving grace was of course the action, but at the point thats al the movie should be.

But it kind of sucked and not in like an old person with dentures way more like teenage with braces way.The action movie should be the ultimate of two bit whores out there! You know the ones that you get dirt cheap and you can tell there just new to the game and you reassure them that you've nver done this before, and then they just explain there down on there luck and haven't done this before. But oh brother once they start going you find urself somehow into being edging all night long til the very end results in an explosive finale. yea that how there supposed to be.

So in short I can't believe I paid 10 bucks for that.

still kinda of hot. dammit.

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